Never-Lose Magic Wand

The magician's friend builds a box to help him keep track of his magic wand. But things start to get crazy when the wand seems to have a mind of its own... or are the kids making the chaos happen with their own magic words?


Fabulous Show Sign

As you explain what type of show you are going to do, you keep changing your mind from a good show, to a great show, to a fabulous show. A sign is brought out with those words on it. It changes to "faaabulous", an arrow points to you, and an applause sign falls down from the bottom. A great kicker finish is that the arrow flips over to point to you.


Alphabet Box Theme Kits (Stage)

These stage-sized theme kits are an excellent addition to our Alphabet Box allowing the performer more flexibility and show variations.


Alphabet Box

The Alphabet Box will have your audience falling over laughing with its flying cards, jumping ribbon, a letter card that just won't behave, and a high jumping glue stick. Letter cards are tossed into the box along with a ribbon and eventually, the cards staple themselves into a word or slogan to the audience's amazement. Comes complete with everything you need, and for repeat shows, check out optional Theme Kits that will make it a whole new trick. It can be themed for any occasion.


Alphabet Box Theme Kits (Parlor)

These parlor-sized theme kits are an excellent addition to our Alphabet Box allowing the performer more flexibility and show variations.


Gummy Worm Surprise

Your bottle always looks different from your volunteer's bottle because he or she is using Gummy Worm Soda but you are using Gummy Worms! This is a great Topsy Turvy bottle rutine with a snake ending.


Imagination Station

Show two tubes empty and when nested, can produce anything you can imagine... even a banana with a moustache! It keeps appearing out of the tubes for a great laugh. Finally, you imagine a giant package of Orreos, and then produce it from the tubes. You take one out and take a bite only to realize that you shouldn't eat in front of others and magically restore it visually. A perfect finale.


The Kidabra 2020 Lecture

The lecture got rave reviews at the virtual Kidabra conference. You can watch it now and download it to your computer anytime.

"There are bits and pieces in there could become kidshow classics for years to come."
- Mark Daniel
  Kidabra International

Mickey Mouth

Your Virtual Announcer. A talking sign that will introduce your show.


Comedy Carton

The Comedy Carton comes with many different colored silks that seem to have a mind of their own. While handing them out to volunteers, one of the silks keeps flying back into the carton. They melt through the bottom of the box when they're returned. They fly out of the box on their own. After mixing the colors, the magician puts them all into a paper bag and transforms them into one large silk with a message.


Knot Funny

Things just don't seem to go as planned when the magician tries this rope trick. Four short pieces of rope are used, but the knots come unraveled, the "knot disintegration" chamber pops its top, and the decorative box, which has a mind of its own, also falls apart. In the end, the knots magically dissappear to show one long piece of rope.


Ketchup Fries n' More

You have never seen a family friendly set of multiplying bottles like this. A bottle set of ketchup and an order of friench fries constantly change places and multiply with a fantastic finish producing mustard, a big bottle of Pepto Bismol, and either a hot dog and relish bottle or a hamburger and mayo bottle! Perfect for the family audiences with props that everyone knows.



The bottle you have and the one the spectator has are always facing a different direction even though he or she follows your moves exactly. A comedy riot!


Crazy Cup

After inserting a straw into your cup, it seems to know when you want a sip and moves around in the cup to avoid you and even jumps from the cup a few times. But you hypnotize it for a final sip... then it jumps out again!


Kid Size Magic Wands

Two kid-size wands are taken out of a box, but "don't work". After putting them back into the box, the box changes size, color & text. After saying the magic words, TWO giant 3 foot spring wands shoot out of the box to be used by your volunteers. Great addition to your comedy or kid's show!


Storytime Transpo

A classic of magic is updated for the kid show performer. A cartoon-type figure (instead of a glass) and a bottle change places repeatedly. You can even remove one of the bottles and the trick still works. A perfect addition to your show. Comes in Wizard, Pirate, Rabbit, Santa, and Hot Sauce versions.


Card in Balloon... Almost

This is a torn and restored card in balloon effect with plenty of balloon gags to keep the kids laughing. In the end, the restored card is found in the... no, not the balloon... but the air pump!


Six Card Silliness

This is a great effect where you start with a sign showing the name of the trick, but after some byplay it shows "9" then "6". One volunteer counts out six cards into the magician's hands, but there ends up only being five. The magician gets one more card and the child counts them again to see that there are still only five. After repeating this process, you finally get six cards held tightly by the child. Another child has three audience members select a card from an invisible deck and throw them toward the other six cards. And, yes, the child on stage now holds NINE cards!


Rootin' Tootin' Root Beer

With two red tubes, a bottle of root beer, a glass, and a few sucker gags, the magician makes the root beer and glass transpose a few times. More bottles begin to appear until you have nine bottles on the table.


Fun Tray

Looking for gags and goofs? Here it is! The tray starts out as a wand holder. Each time the magician reaches for the wand it jumps out of the holder blocks or falls through to the floor. Frustrated, he removes the block holders and decides to do a cup trick... except they keep jumping and falling off the tray! One cup is put on the tray and the drape is removed to cover the cup. It magically disappears!!! As the magicain bows, the cup is seen to be stuck to the back of the tray.


Merlin's Multiplying Bottles

Perform a multiplying bottle routine with a wizard theme. Comes with nine metal bottles with custom wizard themed graphics that appear three dimensional.


Wacky Wizard Cylinders

Two empty cylinders produce several objects, but then the magician lets the audience in on his secret. He produces a bottle of Magic Woofle Dust from the cyclinder and pours some out to use for his next effect.


World's Greatest Magic Trick

Have you ever wanted to make an elephant disappear? Now you can! But after each failure to do so, your sign changes and gets a laugh each time. Finally, you suceed and your sign changes back along with adding an applause cue.


Wand Explosion

As you hold a box of magic wands, one of them slowly rises up. You push it down but it rises up again! After casting a spell all of the wand explode out of the box. As your child assistant helps pick up the wands, one keeps falling through the box. This is a great magical gag that leaves kids laughing!


Paintbrush Pandemonium

A perfect addition for any "coloring" routine. As you hold the box, one of the brushes slowly rises up. You push it down but it rises up again. Then all of the paintbrushes explode out of the box all over the floor. As you put them back in, some fall through the bottom to cause Paintbrush Pandemonium! Finally, use any or all the brushes to finish your coloring routine. The kids will go crazy!


My First Magic Set

A personalized magic kit with a play on words. It's a great conversation starter!


Phizzy Physics

Physics and magic collide when the bottles don't behave they way that they should.


Crazy Tray

The Crazy Tray is a utility comedy prop that is perfect for your kid show. Use it with any trick that requires an assistant. The wand waves comically with your "helping hand" on a tray. Comes complete with Six Card Repeat and sign, but you can use your imagination to use it for anything!


Capt. Jack Silver

Capt. Jack Silver is a passe bottle routine where a figure of Capt. Jack and his favorite ginger ale change places repeatedly during a story about his crew who always wants to drink the ginger ale but the Captain keeps turning up. At the end, the Captain's gold treasure is found in an unlikely place. A captivating story with some unique props.


Custom Certificate

Get a custom certificate with your title and contact info to give away to your helpers or all the kids at your show. This is a great way to advertise and get extra bookings!


Grampa's Root Beer

A root beer and glass repeatedly switch places. Ultimately you end up with a table full of bottles.


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