Paintbrush Pandemonium

Paintbrush Pandemonium


A really funny gag to add to any coloring routine!

With the help of an assistant on stage, a small box is shown full of small paintbrushes. You explain that it's always good to have plenty of brushes for your show. As you are are holding the box, one of the brushes starts slowly creeping up out of the box. You push it back down, and it rises again. This is under your control at all times.

You explain to the helper that there is a magic spell that will turn off the magic in the brushes so they will sit still. You have the helper yell the spell and all of the brushes explode out of the box onto the floor! Oh no! I must have given you the wrong magic spell.

Now as the assistant helps you pick up the brushes as I you put them back; one keeps falling out of the bottom so you tell him or her "You missed one." When he hands it back to you another falls out of the bottom. This is a very funny bit!

When all of the brushes are placed into the box, one is chosen by the child to help do the coloring trick of your choice.

Based on an idea from Tricky Ricky in Canada for our Wand Explosion.

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