Comedy Carton

Comedy Carton


The magician invites two volunteers on stage to help he as holds a small box. He hands a red hanky to the one on the right and hands a yellow one to the child on the left but it flies back into the box. He continues to hand out the hankies but the yellow one keeps flying back into the box. Finally he manages to give it to the child. The children are asked to put the hanks back into the box but they fall through to the floor even thought the bottom is shown to be empty. The hankies are again placed in the box and the box is shaken to mix the colors but as this is done the red hank flies out over the magician's head. He puts it back in and now the white one flies out. After all the colors are mixed, the magician takes the wadded up hankies and places them into a paper bag (any lunch or party bag will do) and proceeds with his favorite magic wands and bits of business. After the magic words are shouted, the bag is torn open to the the colors and hankies have blended together into a large picture of a magical rabbit with a magic wand of his own.

Comes complete with all the 9 inch silks, the 18 inch rabbit silk, the custom built 1/4 inch PVC box with custom vinyl label and full printed instructions.

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