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Imagine the old classic "passe passe" bottles effect brought out in a kid friendly routine using wizard potion or pirate ginger ale. It's a great comedy effect where the bottle and the picture of the character repeatedly change places under the tubes. You can even show a spare bottle by mistake, remove it and still do the magic!

Make up your own story of how Captain Jack Sparrow's (oops, it's Captain Jack Robin, his cousin) biggest treasure is his Pirate Ginger Ale. And then show how he hides it so his mates can't find it. When they think they know where the ginger ale is, the Captain shows up instead.

If you purchase the Wizard Potion version, you can explain that the potion has the magical powers and you can show how the wizard and his potion can change places magically.

Also available... the Santa design for your Holiday shows and a Rabbit design for the younger kid audiences and the hot sauce design with the magic words "Holy Guacamole! Use your imagination to come up with an enhanced story that will fit your performing style.

Each set comes with 3 spun aluminum bottles with eye catching vinyl graphics, two nesting outer metal tubes, and the two free standing figures.

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