World's Greatest Magic Trick

World's Greatest Magic Trick


You explain that people have been asked, "What is the world's greatest magic trick ever performed live?". The answer was overwhelmingly... "The vanish of an elephant!"

The magician says, "We are going to create that right now using this very cute elephant hanky. A real elephant was not in the budget."

The hanky is stuffed in your hand, a magic spell is cast and when opening your hand, the hanky falls to the ground. Now you change the sign to read the 2nd greatest trick, and try again. It fails for a second time and now the sign is changed to read "It's a pretty good trick."

You ask the help of a volunteer from the audience and with his or her help (along with any gag wands, hats, or bits of business you want to include) the hanky now vanishes, the sign is changed, and you state that it IS the world's greatest magic trick and the applause sign opens from the bottom.

Lots of comedy potential here with this custom built changable sign, custom printed silk, and gimmick to make the trick work. Comes complete with stand to hold the sign on your table during performance. The flaps are magnetic for easy change. Solidly built from 1/4 inch PVC with metal flaps.

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