Phizzy Physics

Phizzy Physics


A soda bottle and tube do the impossible! Totally destroying the laws of physics! Can this really be possible?

An empty tube with an arrow is shown along with a bottle of "Zebra Juice" soft drink. The bottle is placed inside and the tube is turned over. The bottle is shown upside down. (That's physics.) Now the tube is dropped back over the bottle and the arrow is turned to face upwards. When the tube is lifted, the bottle is upright. (That's magic!)

The tube is turned over again, and the arrow is turned upright. The tube is lifted and the bottle is shown upright again. It is taken out of the tube and the tube is shown completely empty. (More magic!)

This time the bottle is placed into the tube upside down and the tube is lifted to show the bottle upside down the way it should be in physics. The tube is dropped over the bottle and the arrow is turned sideways. When the tube is lifted this time the bottle is right side up, but the printed label on the bottle is printed sideways! (That's just messing up the physics part!)

The tube is dropped back over the bottle, turned end for end, the arrow is turned facing up, and when lifted, the bottle is once again back upright and the tube is shown empty one more time.

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