Custom Certificate

Custom Certificate


Sure we've seen the ones that roll into a magic wand a have a place to hand write your name in. But why not get one that is printed in full color with your name imprinted on the certificate? Make it look like you designed this eye catching item to give away to all of your helpers. They did the magic, why not make them a junior magician instead of just an assistant?

I designed this for my own show after giving a giant million dollar bill. This goes over even better! Now you can have a truly unique and original design item to give to your helpers for doing a fantastic job.

No need to roll these into wands, the kids want to hang them on the wall to show their friends and families.

You will receive the custom file by email in a PNG format to take to your printer. Available as "______ the Magician" or "Magician ______ ______". Please provide your choice of title and the website or phone number that you want at the bottom.

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