Ketchup Fries n' More
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Ketchup Fries n' More


Imagine the old classic multiplying bottles effect brought out in a kid friendly routine using a giant bottle of ketchup and french fries. And what kid doesn't love ketchup and fries?

Start by showing a giant bottle of ketchup, an order of fries, and two tubes. Tell the audience you will make them change places using only one bottle and an order of fries.

Now the comedy begins when you lift one of the tubes, because there is an extra bottle of ketchup hidden inside. You remove the bottle and then actually make them change places. This can be done over and over, each time taking the bottle out of one of the tubes and placing it on your table. This goes on until your table is covered with seven bottles.

Now you explain that that is a lot of ketchup for only french fries, and pull a 3 dimensional hot dog out of the tube. And what would you need to go along with a hot dog? How about mustard and relish producing these bottles out of that same tube that the hot dog was in!

And, if you eat that much, you are going to need this... and produce a large bottle of Pepto Bismol from the tube. A great "kicker" ending for a unique routine. A very funny routine with some very visual props.

Each set comes with TEN spun aluminum bottles, custom designed vinyl graphics, two nesting metal tubes, two orders of fries, and your choice of either the hotdog/relish or hamburger/mayo combination.

Here's just some of the comments from our customers:
"This has to be the best idea for a bottle set ever! Great looking product."
"Your set is the only one I've seen that should really work for kids, because it is funny in a whole bunch of ways."
"Wow! These look amazing!"

Available in a hotdog/relish or hamburger/mayo climax. Your choice!

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