Knot Funny

Knot Funny


All of the laugh-filled moments are built right into the routine!

Two children, the magician, and 4 pieces of rope are on stage. The magician ties 2 of the ropes together with "the strongest knots in the world." As he reaches for the other ropes, the first pair comes untied. This is repeated but the knots fall apart again and again. The magician eventually gets all four pieces tied together and stuffed into a clear plastic "knot disintegrator" tube.

Then the cap pops off, and when the magician puts it back on, the other cap pops off causing the audience to go crazy!

Finally, the magician grabs the magic box and opens the lid. When he reaches for the tube, the lid slams closed. He tries again, and it slams closed. Finally he gets the tube into the box but the diamond design falls down and swings under the box. He tries to put it back and the other design falls off. He jams both design pieces back in place and now the bottom of the box falls out and the tube goes rolling across the stage. The cap is removed from the tube and the rope is pulled out and the knots are... still there?

The magic words are shouted, the ropes are pulled on and all 3 knots fly into the air and the ropes have become one long piece.

Comes complete with custom built 1/4 inch PVC box, all the ropes, the knot disintegrater tubes, and full printed instructions

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