Crazy Cup

Crazy Cup


A straw inserted into a cup seems to have a mind of its own, defying the laws of gravity by moving around inside the cup always a step beyond your grasp and finally shooting out completely.

This is totally under your control at all times, works right or left handed, can be mounted in any 32 oz. cup and for a finale, you hypnotize the straw and it slowly moves to the center of the glass to get your final sip. The straw shoots out of the cup as many times as you want. Currently made in a Pepsi Cup.

"Hilarious! Jef has, once again, demonstrated his incredible flair for creating visual howlers. You will love this!"Steve Bedwell
"The Crazy Cup is my kind of magic-fun and timely! I'll be the hit of the IBM convention with this thing!"Bev Bergeron (Rebo)
"The Crazy Cup is just my cup of tea! A comedy prop that I can use as a running gag or a set piece."Hank Moorehouse

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