Wand Cannon

Wand Cannon

If you think you have seen everything in kid's show magic ... THINK AGAIN!

Presenting Kandu's Wand Cannon... a concealed device in your table that is battery powered and will fire magic wands through the air across the stage into your hand repeatedly.

  • Adjust the timing between wands
  • Control the launch angle
  • Modify the flight distance
  • Up to 10 wands can be fired

Imagine telling your audience that you have trained your magic wand to slowly rise out of your table and slowly float through the air into your waiting hand. As you gesture, the wand flies out of the box across the stage! You respond, "I guess I overtrained it," and just then another wand flies out, then another and another causing complete chaos.

You attempt to catch them and even throw one back but it flies out again! It's almost like you are playing catch with your table!?! The kids will roar with laughter.

Self contained, custom built unit of PVC with metal parts. Easily maintained. Battery is easily changed.

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