Scott Humston (Pro Kids Show) // Florida

The Comedy Carton is by far one the best kid/family show props ever invented. I've had mine for more than ten years...and have produced thousands of genuine belly laughs from kids! It's wonderful! And don't buy it. I don't want anyone else doing it.

Oliver Twist // United Kingdom

I have Knot Funny and use it in every show. It never fails to crack up an audience. It is my best laugh getter.

Derrick Rose // Arkansas

I can honestly say that I have performed the Comedy Carton and Knot Funny in 85% of my shows for the past 2 years. Both have the ability to slay an audience with children present.

Doug Roberts (Potty the Pirate) // United Kingdom

Jef's effects are some of the most commercial, complete routines available in magic today. Strong audience participation routines with endless laugh cues. Knot Funny is a masterpiece of entertainment. You can bet that anything put out by Jef will be well designed, simple to use, and hilarious.

Wayne Rogers // New Zealand

I use Knot Funny and it's GREAT. The Strongest Knot in the World gag alone has the kids screaming.

Phil Thorne (Thorston the Great) // Texas

Jef Eaton's stuff is the bomb! I bought 5 or 6 items. I've used 3 so far and the audience LOVES 'em! GREAT comedy factor for ANY magician wanting comedy and to add more audience participation-his stuff can't be beat in MY book! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!!

Topper the Magic Clown // Texas

I got a shipment from Jef and the quality, REAL WORLD USABILITY, and 'funniness factor' is through the roof on his stuff. It's all about EASE OF USE and a mind blowing ENTERTAINMENT FACTOR!

Nick Pugh // Pennsylvania

I received my order of the Comedy Carton. All I can say is wow! I love it. It is very simple but yet packs a ton of comedic opportunities and I am sure the kids love it. Thanks so much for the high quality piece. I will be buying from you in the future.

Tim The Magic Dude // California

It's so cool to get a product that looks just as good in-person as it does in pictures. I love your stuff, so definitely keep me posted when you have any new products!

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