Shaken Not Stirred

Shaken Not Stirred

The Ultimate Comedy Prediction

The magician takes a piece of paper out of a small gift bag along with a sharpie type marker. He uncaps the marker and places it back in the bag along with the paper, folds over the edge and puts it on his table. A card is chosen from the enclosed kid's card deck without the magician looking at it. The spectator is asked to concentrate on his or her card and the magician will identify it.

He picks up the bag and starts shaking the bag up and down and left and right as if trying to draw the name of the card on the paper. This can look really silly if you want it to.

The magician turns over the bag and out drops the marker and the piece of paper. The bag is shown empty, and when the paper is picked up, the name of the card is scribbled on the paper.

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