Rabbit Transit

Rabbit Transit

The magician explains that this was his first magic trick he ever performed when he was very young. His mom had made his magic-themed socks into coin purses and today he is going to do the famous "Rabbit Transit Trick."

The two purses are shown empty and they are handed to 2 helpers. One is taken back and a small hanky with a cute bunny is placed inside. The object of the trick is to make the bunny jump from one purse to the other. A magic pass is made and the bunny has apparently jumped to the other purse. The hard part is to get it to go back. Quickly the magician opens the first purse and the bunny has returned. The audience doesn't buy that at all and demands to see the bunny jump.

The trick is set up again and this time the bunny hank really does jump to the other purse all the way across the stage.

Comes complete with bunny silk with custom artwork, 2 very cute coin purses made from star design socks, secret gimmick made by Vernet, and full routine including all the comedy lines, groaners, and moves.

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