One of the funniest comedy wands to come along.

First, you show your iWand and it has a bright yellow letter "I" sticking to the top. You put the wand in your other hand (switching ends) and now it has an eyeball on the end. You slowly look at it and it looks back at you. "Ahhh!! It's looking at me!"

You look forward quickly but the wand keeps staring at you. You ask the kids "Is it looking at me now?"

When you look, the eyeball turns away.

Imagine the comedy potential you can get out of this. The eyeball is under your control and can look left or right. Finally, when you get your volunteer up to help you, the wand becomes two separate wands - one with the letter "I" and one with an "eye". "Let's both keep our 'eyes' on the magic." Then you proceed to do a trick with both of you waving iWands to a wonderful and laugh-filled climax.

You get the nesting wands made of PVC  with a solid PVC "I" and wooden eyeball plus instructions on how to use this kid show comedy wand in your shows.

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